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The information here is automatically generated based on a combination data from the Danish Business Authority's API and data from Virk.dk.

This is something we hacked together in our spare time, so yeah... use at you own peril and remember always to check out the underlying data and draw your own conclusions.

Haulier Holding IVS 75 investments
KR 332 ApS 69 investments
ApS KBURS 17 NR. 6919 67 investments
PreSeed Ventures A/S 57 investments
VÆKSTFONDEN 53 investments
BOREAN INNOVATION A/S 40 investments
Donners Holding ApS 40 investments
ApS KBUS 38 nr.3117 36 investments
CAPNOVA A/S 29 investments
Novo Holdings A/S 23 investments
CABITAL FINANS A/S 20 investments
KONCENTON A/S 19 investments
ACTUS INVESTOR A/S 19 investments
Ny Valby Udvikling A/S 17 investments
Seier Capital Denmark A/S 17 investments